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Thursday, February 24, 2011

and now for something terrible

-original post: blogger: july 2, 2010, titled "why i don't write poetry (as much anymore)"-

1. analogies sometimes completely miss the point:

like a fish in a stream
i was caught by your lure
pulled up from the cold
and into your arms
where you held me so high
with pride on your face
before you layed me gently down on the table and
... oh shit

i won't be the same much longer
i can see it in your eyes
like a cobra staring down a mouse
you keep me mesmerized

2. it's difficult to avoid cliche:

i'm an open book and
you're a locked diary
when the nightcrew swept the floor
they threw away the key
in an alley in the moonlight
with a bottle of wine
where mother nature on cocaine
turned tricks for father time
i just wanted you
to dance forever with me
but first you stole my heart
and then you stole my kidney

3. if i can't think of something good to say, i'll just say anything:

my love for you is as bright as
the numbers on a digital clock
you warm my heart the way
this space heater warms my toes
with you my mood is soft as plastic in the sun
gentle as Charmin toilet paper
if only you could understand me
the way a serial killer understands murder
if only circumstance didn't keep separate our souls
the way a condom separates people's privates

1 comment:

  1. So true! I especially like the first one! It'a all great until it gets to the time where the "gutting" takes place....