happiness is finding the place where being yourself is exactly what's needed

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

because some facebook statuses are worth saving

7/16/10 - i will not google flesh eating bacteria. i will not google flesh eating bacteria. i will NOT google flesh eating bacteria . . .

7/26/10 - i'm in love with life, but so are a lot of people. apparently, life's a whore.

8/5/10 - i think my body is addicted to sleep. and the addiction is interfering with its daily activities. i think it's time to quit cold turkey.

8/15/10 - even when i'm too drunk to know how to sit down in a chair, i can still pick things up with my feet

8/31/10 - i was looking in the mirror, but my reflection was asleep. "maybe this means i'm asleep in real life and this is a dream," i thought. but i dismissed that idea, as it seemed illogical. i focused instead on trying to wake up my reflection by splashing water on my face.
(then i woke up.)

9/30/10 - what a beautiful day to have woken up from a dream of helping a bull rescue its rider from a traveling circus

10/11/10 - i said "i need you. i long for you. i'm ready now. only you can complete me." sleep said "go fuck yourself."

10/20/10 - you know you've been on a plane too long when you see a crack in the sidewalk and wonder if it's the grand canyon

11/17/10 - it's unfortunate that arsenic tastes like almonds, as the flavor's quite addictive and there appears to be an almond shortage

12/16/10 - if you thought my putting peanut butter and salsa verde on chips was weird, you should have salsa verde chips mashed up in a bowl with salsa con queso and hazelnut coffee creamer

12/18/10 - it's okay, the song can wake up my soul without waking up the other train passengers

1/2/11 - so many words of inspiration i write down and then keep for myself, hidden, hoping i'll rediscover them again at a time when i understand, recording my own realizations like i have short term memory loss, trying to maintain control of myself in this game of shadow dancing we call life

1/4/11 - we all come with reality pre-installed ; it's just that some of us have missed a few updates

1/14/11 - i can't remember the last time i couldn't remember something

1/14/11 - sanity under construction, please use alternate route

1/24/11 - be your own valentine? remember your first crush? fuck you, dove chocolate wrappers, fuck you.

1/30/11 - people have always tended to give me respect i didn't earn, but it's been years since i stopped correcting them

1/31/11 - where the hell was i going with this analogy, and why are there dead pigeons?

2/15/11 - breakfast with gmail:
it looks over at me and shakes its head, and says "you said 'i've attached...' but there's nothing attached. they're going to think you're a retard, just like all your friends do. i'm the only one you can trust, you know. the others don't like you, they told me."

2/28/11 - so Cadie (who has an interest in bandaids) just came up and put one on my shoulder and said "this is for you." then, she put one over my Mishipeshu tattoo and said "and this is for your doggie" ^_^


  1. Hey its so nice to see you but what’s behind the name Lovkyne?!!!

    And tht was a wonderful load of collection

  2. they are all good, but the second one is a classic!