happiness is finding the place where being yourself is exactly what's needed

Thursday, March 17, 2011

brain sperm

i woke up this morning thinking of my thoughts as sperm, and the world they're trying to break into as the egg.

so, when, i got up and realized i had a slight headache, i reasoned that it was from all the brain sperm trying to get out.

which reminded me of a picture a friend drew when his girlfriend got pregnant. the stick figure drawing combined the image of a sperm with the image of a child. so that if you were looking at it at a certain size or from a certain angle, it looked like he'd drawn a sperm, but when you clicked on the thumbnail to see the full size image you realized it was a child.

which reminded me of how i've suspected that were i to procreate in this lifetime (not that i have any intentions of it) my child would probably be one of those awesome people (as described in previous text blog).

i figure that since every generation is usually more open/creative/adventurous than the one before it, the fact that i'm almost awesome likely means i'd have a child that's fully awesome.

however, my years of being excited by the idea of possibly spawning someday have passed.

i do need to find a way from some of these brain sperm to get out, though. break through that thick barrier of the world and impregnate it.

with what i'm not sure.

hopefully not the apocalypse.

or the peacockalypse.


  1. brain sperm....mmmmm I must have a bunch, cause damn my head hurts :)

  2. That's definitely a new one on me! Very funny.

  3. I'm going to be stuck with the thought of brain sperm for the rest of the day.

  4. peacockalypse! What an awesome word! - G