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Thursday, April 7, 2011

half a yin yang

I've told this story time and time again, as it's pretty much the best story I've ever had to tell.

In November of 2009, I was visiting DandelionGirl in Chandler, AZ. One morning, while on my way to Circle K for a cup of Circle Koffee, and taking the ditch, as it was just slightly quicker than taking the sidewalk, I head mewing coming from the bottom of a manhole.

I couldn't actually see anything down there, but I saw a few drains in the ditch that I suspected a cat might have gone into, so it was reasonable to assume one was trapped.

I went back to the house and called random animal control/rescue numbers until someone picked up and gave me the number to the local police, saying that they were the only ones who could get those manhole covers off.

A policeman showed up and shined his flashlight down into the hole, illuminating the shape of a fluffy white cat, though it was difficult for me to discern the size of the cat without knowing the depth of the hole.

A policewoman showed up to help, an animal lover interested in helping to rescue a kitten. They were able to find the right tools to get the cover off, but they didn't have a ladder handy, so they called the fire department.

When the fire department showed up, there were about 8 more people, as they were currently doing some kind of internship with students.

So, the scene at this point is two police cars and a fire truck pulled over next to the ditch, and 11 or so people standing crowded around a manhole. All so one guy could take a ladder down the hole and come back up with this:

The fireman handed him to me, all scared and sick. One of his was eyes glued shut with eye gunk, an obvious sign of an untreated kitten cold. The policewoman was kind enough to drive us to the nearest vet for a check up and some medicine.

The photo above is of him sitting on his paperwork from the doctor's office.

No idea how he got down there. He might have even been born somewhere in the drain system and then wandered off on his own one day and found himself stuck. However it happened, there were a lot of humans around to help him get out.

Now, he's all grown up. His name is Yang, and he lives down the road with DandelionGirl, NumberK, and black cat named Yin.


  1. OMG....this story really speaks to me...I rescuesd my cat Fancy from inside a wall...she had been born in the atic of an old house I was working on....while walking around she fell down into the kitchen wall.....I carefully broke away the dry wall...inside was the smallest cat I had ever seen...we left for the vet straight away...on our way Rebas song Fancy came on the radio, she started to meow...thus her name.....

    kindred souls you and I, cat rescuers ;)

  2. David - awesome cat rescue story. thanks for sharing it. so glad the little gal was alright and had you to look out for her. ^_^

  3. That is by far a true testament of being in the right place at the right time. Great story. Love animal rescue stories. Nice job!!

  4. I always liked you, now I adore you!
    That was such awesome and great thing you did for that little cutie!
    On the other end of the size spectrum. We just took in yet another rescue. This kitty is 22 pounds! Our other cats don't know what the hell to do...He is almost three times the size of our oldest cat...