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Thursday, June 7, 2012

stubborn crafty list

Bouncin' Barb gave me this idea in her last comment. Feel free to join in with what YOU'RE good/great/awesome at.

Make a list (maybe 15 things) that you're good at. Start with "I am . . . " or "I am a . . ."

1. I am great at imagining. Daydreams. Possibilities. Stories. The hidden meanings in song. My brain likes creating pictures from sounds and sounds from pictures and all that. I have some stories that have been playing out in my head for years.

2. I am good at being stubborn. At sticking to what I believe is real and what I believe is right.

3. I am good at understanding myself. My own needs and wants and the reasons behind them. I'm good at noticing things about myself like that I've already spent more than half an hour thinking about this question, so I could answer one person on my blog, and when asked what i was good at on my okc profile, viewed by who knows how many, i probably just answered with some lame joke. maybe because those people are strangers?

4. I'm good at making friends, or at least, I sure seem to meet the awesomest people ever.

5. I'm good at making people feel comfortable. People have always found it easy to say things to me, at least the ones who are smart enough to know I won't judge them.

6. I'm good at thinking things through, when I need to.

7. I'm good at knowing when and when not to let my guard down.

8. I'm good at decorating and sometimes making little crafty things to suit my impulse.

9. I'm a good poet, though don't ask me what it means to be a good poet, because I don't know.

10. I'm a good blogger during high energy seasons of my life, when I'm doing a lot of thinking and reading and talking to people (this isn't one of those seasons, but there's one on the way, i'm certain).

11. I'm good at picking out tasty new fantasy novels.

12. I'm good at knowing when I'm done making a list. :P

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  1. FANTASTIC!!!!! If it's ok with you, I'd like to reference this on my blog and I guess it would be good to answer the question myself. Maybe get some others to join in. Your answers were much more positive sounding than I expected and that makes me very happy! A little looking inside does some good once in awhile! Let me know if you're OK with this via email if you can. Thank you and so happy you did it! Hugs.