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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the debate class in my head

whenever a reasonably sized issue seems to arise, before i form a solid opinion, i bring it to the debate class in my head. the classroom is the room where i had a class with my favorite professor. the teacher is a combination of him and a couple other favorite professors of mine.
there's always been about 20 students, and over the years, i've gained more understanding of each of their varying opinions and experiences. so far, there's only about 6 that i feel i really know.
i have them discuss the things that i wonder about, and try to experience the debate through each person as they're speaking.
some of their attitudes seem cliche at first, until i dig deeper into their individual awarenesses. how they relate to one another, changes according to the debate.
some of them have always been big thinkers, and some of them haven't. but, here, they all must look into themselves equally, to find the places from which they're looking at the world.
just like in a real class, the students are continually gaining new perspectives from one another, and so each debate brings with it slightly more complicated opinions.

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